Joseph tricks his brothers into believing that their youngest brother, Benjamin, would have to serve him in Egypt for the rest of his life. The beautiful part of this moment is when Judah bows before his brother and asks that his life be taken instead of his younger brother's. He has such a deep regard for his father, Jacob, and knows that if Benjamin is lost, he will die of a broken heart. The man who led to the charge to get rid of Joseph is now humbled and willing to do whatever is necessary to save Benjamin's life. How does change like that happen? It only happens when God is invited into a person's life. He is the One who breaks the chains that hold us captive, and He is the One who "leads us in paths of righteousness for His name's sake." What is holding you captive today? Could guilt be your constant ally in life? Could addiction have you wrapped up so tight you cannot breathe? What about anger and hatred towards another person, is that holding you captive today? Only God can break those chains and transform your life from what it is to what He wants it to be. Judah is a beautiful example of God tenderizing a hardened heart and transforming a boy into a man. God did it in Judah's heart and He can do the same in yours and mine. Will you surrender your hurt, your guilt, your addiction, or your hatred to Him today? He can do so much more with it than you ever could!

Help me, Lord, to open my heart and mind to Your Spirit and Your Word. Help me to experience that transformation that comes from Your presence in my everyday life.