As the famine continues to devastate the land of Canaan, Jacob has no choice but to send his sons, including the youngest back to Egypt for grain. When they arrive, they are escorted to Joseph's residence and allowed to eat lunch with him in the room. It might be difficult for you to imagine that this man who wielded so much power would humbly sit with these men who betrayed him and sold him as a slave. Even though, Joseph gained incredible power and wealth in Egypt, he never forgot the God of his great-grandfather, grandfather, and his father. As he walked with Yahweh, he learned to forgive those who harmed him. We never read of revenge against Potiphar or his wife, nor do we read of anger against the ones who forgot him in jail. Now, we see the ultimate example of forgiveness as Joseph proves he has forgiven his brothers for their horrible abuse. Forgiveness not only set the brothers free, but more importantly, it set Joseph free to love those who harmed him. Joseph is a beautiful picture of Jesus and His incredible work on the cross. Jesus died for those who beat Him, and spit upon Him, who nailed Him to a cross, and even those who berated Him while He hung on that cross. He died for each of them as He did for you and for me. That is the ultimate example of forgiveness, and one we are called to emulate every day. Who has hurt you recently? Who has stolen your innocence of your self-esteem? Jesus is our Hope and our One opportunity to forgive. He must guide us to that point in life and then walk with us through it.

Help me, Lord, to follow the example of Joseph and Jesus when it comes to forgiveness. Help me to forgive those who have hurt or offended me, because You forgave me.