Walking by faith can, at times, be the hardest step we take in a day. Joseph trusted God and enjoyed His hand of blessing on his work, but he was still a slave and in jail. Once the Pharaoh has a dream, Joseph is called from prison to interpret. He does so with full confidence in God's ability, not his own. The interpretation clarifies the future for Pharaoh and the role Joseph would play in preparing for the upcoming famine. God put him in this situation for "such a time as this," and Joseph was ready for the challenge because he walked by faith in the wonderful times and in the difficult ones. What challenges has God put in your path recently? Will you choose faith or fear as your weapon? Physical issues, finances, and frustration at work and at home are all challenges we might be asked to face in life. Walking by faith helps a person face those challenges from a Biblical perspective which means that God is heavily involved in the journey. The struggle is that we want to put God in a box and tell Him how and when to fix this challenge. Faith means I trust God's timing even when I am not completely happy in my current situation. Joseph waited two more years before the Pharaoh's summons. He stayed faithful and walked closely with God during those two years, and the result was beyond any expectations he had for the future.

Help me, Lord, to walk by faith knowing You have an amazing plan for my future that is not necessarily based upon my past. Help me to trust Your timing and Your plan of action instead of trying to manipulate You into doing it my way.