One reality that grabbed my attention this morning is that Joseph knew his abilities were from God and had no fear in using them for His glory. When the cupbearer and the baker tell Joseph their dreams, he does not hesitate to interpret those dreams. As you read, you must see that this young man gives God the glory for interpreting dreams which tells he knew he could not do this alone, but with God, he could do anything. Do you have that same confidence in the Almighty? I realize many of you attend church and some of you even read your Bible daily, but, when push comes to shove, are you willing to trust God to do the impossible for you or through you? One our great struggles is that God does not always work on our time tables. He has a specific plan that is not influenced by our plans and is perfect in its execution. This creates fear of the unknown which causes us to struggle with trust. Joseph already knew he could trust God because of His provision and protection while in captivity and in prison. That knowledge helped him to stay focused and faithful while in prison even though he wanted to be free. He believed in God's plan for his life and walked humbly with Him through the wonderful and the difficult times. Have you been walking in faith or in the flesh recently? One will lead you to heaven on earth, and the other will lead you to destruction.

Help me, Lord, to completely trust Your plan for my life. Help me to use the gifts and abilities You have given me to make an impact on other people's lives.