Joseph sets an incredible example in ancient times that we should emulate in this modern day. This is a man who has been held hostage by his brothers and then sold as a common slave to an unknown group of traveling merchants. He is then sold on the open market and began working as a slave in Potiphar's house. Joseph's example is based on faith which is the reason for the success that God gave him in the government officials home and then later in prison. Satan is always working to break our faith. He sends the wife of Joseph's boss to try to seduce the slave and destroy his faith. Joseph does not listen to her until one day she finds him alone in the house and asks more forcefully. Joseph took the only step left for him; he fled the scene leaving his outer cloak behind. The false accusations and the imprisonment of the Hebrew slave was also meant to break his faith by creating doubt in God's plan. Once again, Joseph stayed the course and walked daily by faith. Due to his faith, God gave Joseph favor in the sight of the warden. His complete trust in God and His plan allowed the Almighty the freedom to give him favor with the jail officials. Are you walking by faith today, or has fear destroyed your ability to trust God? If it is not fear, could it be anger that has destroyed your faith? Joseph's life provides an incredible reminder that God does everything for a reason. Our job is not to dictate our plan to Him, but to trust Him fully and focus completely upon His plan for our lives.

Help me, Lord, to walk by faith. Help me to stop living in fear or anger and to start trusting You once again to help me through the struggles of each day.