Even though Esau is not the "son of promise," his lineage is included in the annals of Scripture. His many sons and grandsons made an incredible impact upon the world around them. God did not abandon Esau, He blessed him. I think we sometimes believe we are a second-rate citizen in God's kingdom, but Jesus' blood washes all our sin away; no matter how wicked or how disgusting. He is our Hope and the One who forgives meaning we must stop attacking ourselves for our past mistakes and start walking as a child of the King. At first, Esau was upset that Jacob stole his birthright and his blessing, but he eventually saw God's plan in that and enjoyed the wonderful blessings God poured out on him. The whole idea is that we "bloom where we are planted." If God has called you to teach a class, then be the best teacher you can be. If God has called you to serve as a greeter or to help in the kitchen, the do it with all your might striving to be the best that you be. If God has called you to lead, then lead; and if He has called you to follow, then follow. One position is not better than another nor is one position more important than the other. We are all workers in God's kingdom, and He has called us to use our gifts for His glory wherever He has planted us. Esau's reception of Jacob, and his readiness to move when their livestock and servants began to overfill the land. He understood that God still had a wonderful plan for him so he did not concern himself with Jacob, but determined to live the best life he could live.

Help me, Lord, to hear Your calling to a specific ministry in my local church or community. Help me to stop comparing myself to others and begin to do my very best in the place where You have planted me.