Jacob sets a strong example of a husband/father's faith in God's plan over his own fears. Jacob divides his belongings and his wives and children into multiple groups to give the most favored ones the opportunity to escape, but he leads the way without knowing what Esau might do. How many times do husbands and fathers have to follow Jacob's example and lead into the unknown? I can tell you from experience, it is difficult and scary, but when Jesus is the center of your life, you must follow when He leads. Jacob knew God wanted him to return to the Promised Land so he also knew that God would somehow protect him from any harmful plans of his brother. It is almost as if he prepared for the worst, but expected the best. Faith and fear do not mix well. It is a difficult choice, but it has to be made. Will you walk by faith trusting God to lead you, or will you walk in fear trusting your instincts and your "interesting ideas"? As Jacob bowed before his brother, Esau grabbed him in a huge bear hug and welcomed he and his family home. This man had already forgiven his brother and simply waited for him to return. He, too, sets a powerful example for us to follow. It is easy to hold grudges and hold on to grievances, but God has called us to so much more. When you forgive, you set yourself free from anger and resentment and give yourself an opportunity to win in life and in all your relationships.

Help me, Lord, to lead my family even when I cannot see Your final destination. Help me to forgive those who have hurt or offended me so I can be completely free to walk closely with You.