One of the great moments in all of Scripture happens when "a man" wrestles (think MMA) with Jacob for a whole night. In the morning, the "man" commands Jacob to let him go, but the son of Isaac will not do so without a blessing. Before the blessing, the "man" touches Jacob's hip causing him to limp for the rest of his life. He then changes Jacob's name (which means deceiver) to Israel (God contended). In other words, God not only gave Jacob a limp, but He also provided a new purpose for life. He reveals Jacob's strength and his perseverance and puts him on a new path in life. Can God do that for you and for me? He can. Each of us wrestles with God in some manner. We may wrestle over an addiction, over our cultural Christianity, over a past abuse, or over our parents and siblings. God always has a plan in those situations, but at times, we wrestle with Him over whose plan is best. We seem to think that we know better than God, because we saw it on Netflix or YouTube. God is the Creator of all life, and He knows what is best for you in every phrase of your life. Normally, our wrestling leads to a fleshly decision that we eventually regret and that leaves us with a "limp" in life. God knew exactly what Jacob needed for change to take place so He wrestled with him all night long. He also knows what you need before you will change so expect Him to do whatever He has to do to get your attention and change your direction. You can wrestle with God all you want, but Jacob will tell you that you will never win.

Help me, Lord, to readily obey Your plan for my life instead of wrestling over it. Help me to listen with a sensitive heart as You lead and direct my paths so I can avoid another "limp" in life.