The drama of family continues as Jacob decides to pack up his family and leave his father-in-law without saying good-bye. His wife, Rachel, decides to steal her dad's household gods to take with her on the journey. Laban chases and catches Jacob but is warned by God to say nothing good or bad to him. The two men eventually make a covenant and go their separate ways, but their continued deception created way more drama than needed. It is so obvious that family sin is still a major issue with Laban, Jacob, and Rachel. Jacob and Rachel learned about deception from their own families and continued to perpetuate that sin. They did not choose to fight it as a family or try to break the cycle of familial sin. As a parent or grandparent, do you stop to consider the impact of every word and every action when it comes to your kids? One wrong word can send a child spiraling out-of-control emotionally, physically, and spiritually. One wrong act can be the crux Satan uses to create an addiction or a serious character flaw. We must be completely honest and open about our personal failures, but we also must be clear on the consequences of those sins. We seem to think that our kids are not watching or listening, but they definitely are, and we must set an example they can follow throughout their lives. I have a feeling Jacob's life would have been completely different if his parents handled their own deception and his deception in a manner that honors the Lord.

Help me, Lord, to set a strong example for my kids to follow at every stage of their lives. Help me to admit my failures and the negative consequences of those failures to help my kids understand what is best for them.