Jacob's desire to return to his homeland with his whole family was another step in God's plan for His people. With twelve sons and at least one daughter, Jacob had plenty of people to work his farm and care for his sheep, and he felt the pull to return to his father's home. Laban begged him to stay and build up his own herds before leaving. Any grandparent can understand the desire to keep the family close, but Laban should have listened to his son-in-law and let him go. Jacob took advantage of the situation and built his own herds to a point that they were bigger and stronger than Laban's. He deceived his father-in-law, once again falling into that old sin that almost destroyed his own family. He might have believed that Laban deserved this because of his own deceit, but it is clear that Jacob took full advantage of two wives and two mistresses. In all honesty, Jacob had no excuse to deceive his father-in-law, but he did it. We have no excuse either. We try to justify our sin, especially that one sin that continually bothers us, and in doing so, we push ourselves farther away from God and His plan for our lives. All deception is eventually unmasked, because God promises, "be sure your sins will find you out." They will not stay hidden so step away, confess that sin and set a course towards what is right and good and honoring to Him.

Help me, Lord, to put away that one sin that seems to have a constant hold upon my life. Help me to repent and begin to live and think differently than ever before.