Perseverance is not a popular world in our current culture or in the church. We seem to see every problem as an opportunity to bolt, pout, or "go postal." The Bible clearly tells us that we will face problems in the world, but He has overcome the world. Jacob, the man who struggled incredibly with deception, is now deceived by his father-in-law causing him to marry the older sister of the woman he loved. He worked seven years for Rachel and ended up with Leah. Laban, his father-in-law gave him Rachel, as well, but required another seven years of service from Jacob. At any point, Jacob could have run away, pouted, or gone postal and most would not have blamed him. He, however, persevered. Rachel was barren so Leah bore Jacob several sons including Judah through which the lineage of Jesus would continue. Even though it was not what Jacob wanted, God's plan included Leah and Rachel and their hand-maidens, as well. Jacob would eventually enjoy twelve births including two by his beloved Rachel. That would not have happened if he had given up! Perseverance is more than just showing up for work or for church; it is engaging every time you are present. It is serving those that God has brought into your life through work or church. It is loving God to the point that you have to give your best in His service. He is at the heart of our perseverance which means a lack of it reveals a problem in your relationship with Him. Stand strong, my friends, and never give up!

Help me, Lord, to persevere no matter how difficult life gets or how out-of-control I feel. Help me to engage, serve, and love You each and every day as I walk with You through every season of life.