Isaac sends Jacob back to his wife's family to find a bride. He does not want his younger son to marry a Canaanite woman like his older brother did. We must remember that Jacob is leaving because of his multiple deceptions. Even still, God is in this and is going to use it for Jacob's good and His glory. When Jacob stops to sleep, God begins to reveal to him a rich and marvelous plan for his future. You might think that this is ludicrous after all that Jacob did, but this is exactly how God works. We are sinful people, but God can take that evil and use it for good. Jacob will still face the consequences of his sin, but he is not condemned because of it. How many people walk around this earth believing their sin has disqualified them from living? How many others continually accuse themselves for an abuse someone else exacted upon them and have stopped living? Satan loves to use all our past to destroy God's plan for a person's life in the present and future. Jacob was probably feeling a little low after being exiled from his family, but now God steps in and promises to make him a great nation and a great blessing to the families of the earth. Admittedly, some of this blessing comes from Abraham's faithfulness and is now being passed down to his heritage. Jacob, however, could have rejected God because of his personal failure with his family. Thankfully, he chose to hear and heed God's voice and recognize the place of his vision as sacred. Is it time for you to lay all your past at Jesus' feet and let Him carry the load while you begin to live again? Jacob did, and so can you!

Help me, Lord, to confess my sin when I mess up and then refocus my attention on Your work in and through my life. Help me to recognize those sacred moments when You step into a situation and to celebrate Your goodness and grace in my life.