The family sin continues. Abraham deceived two different kings, and Isaac deceived at least one king, and now Jacob is going to deceive his own father for his brother's blessing. Family sin is still being passed down from generation to generation in our modern era. How do we break it? Zach William's song comes to mind, because it reminds us that Jesus is our "Pain-taker", our "Way-maker", and our "Chain-breaker." Those pains and chains of family sin can be dealt with at the cross, because "the cross is enough" (Mercy Me). Jacob's mother, Rebekah, actually creates the plan for deception and pushes her son into it. The end result is that her son received the undeserved blessing, but lost his family. Esau planned to kill him, and Rebekah sent him away for his protection. Isaac was a good man and Rebekah is portrayed as a perfect wife, except for the deception that seemed to slip into their lives at specific moments and was passed down to the children. What will it take for you to begin dealing with the family sin that continues to be passed down through the generations? God wants nothing more than for His kids to succeed in overcoming family sin, but we must understand that can only happen when we choose to follow Jesus. Do you believe that "the cross is enough"? I know it is, because I have seen first-hand God's ability to radically change the culture in a home.

Help me, Lord, to see Your cross as more than enough for those chains of family sin to be broken. Help me to have the courage to leave behind destructive traits while asking You to bring radical change to my home.