I find it so interesting that Moses recorded the sins of the father in his son's life. Isaac and Rebekah experience a famine and go to the land of the Philistines for food. This, by the way, was an act of obedience because God told them to not go to Egypt or outside the boundaries He created with Abraham. When the couple arrives, Isaac immediately tells the people that Rebekah is his sister. She suddenly becomes the object of many men's desire, because she was beautiful. Once again, God protected her, Isaac, and the Philistines by revealing the secret and removing them from the area with a number of livestock and financial gain. Isaac was faithful in so many different areas of his life, but he was not perfect. God does not try to fool us with a "perfect" man in Scripture, except for the God/man, Jesus. We can be walking closely with God one day and walking in the flesh the next. This, by the way, is a response to our sin nature and and should always be recognized as such. This is a key component to not walking in guilt and shame. God does not excuse sin, but He also does not condemn us for our sin; instead, He "...forgives our sin and cleanses us from all unrighteousness." (1 John 1:9) This, my friends, is grace, and if you look at Isaac's life, you must admit that it was filled with grace.

Help me, Lord, not to expect perfection but to hear Your promises and walk in peace. Help me to walk in Your grace even when I blow it and make a mess knowing You do not condemn me though You do allow me to face the circumstances of it.