Can you imagine being sent to a foreign country to find a wife for another man's son? It sounds like an impossible mission, but God once again impresses us with His ability to do the impossible. The servant arrives in Abraham's hometown and immediately begins to look for his master's family. As he does so, he also prays and asks God for specific guidance in this situation. Again, he realizes that if God is for him, who can be against him. The first young lady he meets proves to be one he takes home to Isaac. She is a member of Abraham's family and readily takes the trip to meet her husband. I realize this does not mesh with out modern culture, but I love the fact that Abraham was involved in this decision. We have created a culture where parents have almost no influence and cannot help their children when choosing a mate. Honestly, this is the most important decision a person will make right behind the choice to accept Jesus as Savior. Why would we leave a twenty year old alone to make those decisions? We will never get to choose our children's spouse, but we can encourage them to date godly men or women and help them wander through the maze of emotions that come with that kind of commitment. God is more than able to handle His part in this decision, but our kid's must be open to His guidance and to wise counsel from mom and dad.

Help me, Lord, to trust You completely when I face impossible situations in life. Help me to build strong ties with my children so that I can help them navigate the crazy and exciting waters of engagement and marriage.