No matter how faithful we are to the Lord, the cycle of life continues to turn.  Abraham's beloved wife, Sarah, dies after being barren for ninety years and raising her son for the last thirty-seven.  She lived a full life salted with faith and a deep desire to follow her husband.  When Abraham went to the rulers of the area that he lived in, he asked for a field and a cave that he could purchase to bury his wife.  The leaders at the gate offered to give him the land on three occasions, but Abraham sought to buy the land to honor his wife.  I love how Abraham was determined to purchase the land because he knew that is what would honor the Lord.  Do we have that kind of initiative and that kind of fight?  Are we willing to stand up for what we know God desires instead of sitting back and wasting the opportunity?  These are real struggles that everyday Christians face.  It is not that one decision is right or wrong; instead, it is about knowing God's best and fighting for it.  How can we follow Abraham's example?  We must know the Scriptures, because they lead us to life and truth.  If we are not spending time in the Word daily, then we will struggle to discern between what we desire and what God desires.  That one decision could change the course of our lives so stand and fight like Abraham did and purchase the land if that is what God is calling you to do.

Help me, Lord, to choose Your best over any other option.  Help me to spend time in Your Word so that I can discern what is Your best in my life.