Does God keep His promises?  This chapter reminds us that He definitely does.  At the appointed time, Sarah bore Abraham a son though she was too old to bear or breastfeed a child.  This was not an immaculate conception; instead, it was a miracle of God that was enacted by the faith of Abraham and Sarah and the power of the Almighty.  Can you imagine a ninety-year old woman bearing a healthy child and then breastfeeding that child like she was in her twenties?  Isaac was healthy and strong, and he was the “child of promise,” Abraham’s future.  Abraham, however, loved both his sons, but when Sarah saw Ishmael mocking Isaac, she demanded that he and his mother be sent away.  Through his grief, the patriarch listened to God’s promise once again and sent them away.  Once again, we see God keep His promise as Ishmael grows into a strong archer who can lead people.  God promised to make a nation out of Ishmael, and He kept His promise!  God also promised Abraham that he would enjoy the “promised land” in peace and great success.  When a dispute arises with the king of the region, Abraham makes a covenant with the king giving him livestock and sets clear boundaries for his family and for the king’s citizens.  This could have turned into a horrible dispute that disrupted the peace in Canaan, but God worked through His servant to make peace in the land.  Have you given up on God’s promises?  God has proven Himself again and again!  Would you trust Him once again and let Him prove Himself to you?

Help me, Lord, to trust the promises that You have provided in Your Word.  Help me to keep my eyes firmly focused on those promises and not abandon them when things do not work as I think they should.