Secret sin seems to reveal itself continually throughout our lives. It is as if we have won the battle for today, but always have to keep an eye on tomorrow's battle. One day, we win; another day, we lose. Abraham is the perfect example of this problem. Once again, the patriarch convinces his wife to withhold portions of the truth on his behalf. The leader of the region hears of Sarah's beauty and places her in his "harem." Abimelech does so innocently, because he believed Sarah was only a sister to Abraham and not a wife. The response to his decision is devastating as God closes all the wombs of the king's wives and mistresses. Secret sin is not just something we do "in the closet" that has no effect on others. When we give into temptation and allow that sin to manifest itself in our lives, it will cause problems for others, as well. We can never discount the power of sin, and we can never discount the power of grace. Abimelech calls Abraham to the palace and asks him why he has done such a thing. Even with Abraham's feeble explanation, the king gives him an abundance of livestock and groceries to take home. He also returns Sarah untouched and well taken care of. Did Abraham deserve any of that after his foray back into that secret sin? He definitely did not, but God's grace ruled the day! God loves you so much that He sent His Son to pay the price for your sin. Do you really think He will give up on you just because you lost a battle?

Help me, Lord, to put away that secret sin that holds so tight to my heart and mind. Help me to live in Your grace and not in guilt for my past mistakes, because You have forgiven me and will never again hold my sin against me.