How committed are you to being a counter-cultural Christian? As you read this chapter, you have to see the dangers of living according to the culture. As Sodom and Gomorrah are being destroyed, Lot's wife looks back and is turned into a pillar of salt. She was so attached to the culture of that region that she could not obey God and keep her eyes focused on what was ahead. Culture has that kind of power if we are not committed to a different life. It will crush our walk with God and push us to break out of the boundaries He has created for our protection. When we follow the culture, we normally live in disobedience to the Lord and lose sight of His plan for our lives. Lot's wife did just that and it ended in death. Lot's daughters also lived according to culture. Their own words condemn them: "as is the custom all over the earth." They did not seek God's advice on getting pregnant and having babies; instead, they did what everyone else was doing. The two babies that were born both became deadly enemies of God's people. Culture is not something we should play with. We can find common ground with the lost without dragging ourselves into the culture of our day. God has called us to more than just living like everyone else. He has called us to be "holy," set apart to do His will.

Help me, Lord, to live as a counter-cultural Christian in 2018. Help me to seek Your plan for my life by listening to Your Word and to Your Spirit.