When three "men" come to Abraham in the name of the Lord, he asks them to stay for lunch. During the meal, the Lord once again reveals His plan to Abraham promising a child before the year's end. Sarah hears the Lord's words and laughs wondering how either she or Abraham could have the ability to have a son at their age. Surely, her husband told her of the covenant that was made and how circumcision served as the sign of that covenant between God and man. She knew what the Lord said, but she still struggled to believe. How many times do you have to hear God's voice before you finally obey? Does He have to provide you with some kind of sign that says "go this way" or "stop"? Why is it so hard to hear God's voice and then obey what He tells us to do? I fear many parents never heard God's mandate to teach their children to obey. Expecting them to obey us naturally is almost impossible for their sinful nature meaning we must train our kids to obey. When parents fail in this area, then their kids struggle to obey not only them, but more importantly, God. Sarah's faith is weak in this area, but she and her husband walked in obedience and did what was needed to get pregnant. Our faith does not have to be massive for God to work in and through us. All we need is the faith of a mustard seed and the desire to obey. Will you commit yourself to immediate obedience when God speaks to you in 2018?

Help me, Lord, to hear Your voice and immediately obey all that You ask me to do. Help me to have that little seed of faith that will grow as You prove Yourself again and again.