HAPPY NEW YEAR! God once again confirms His plan for Abraham and for the son of promise. Even when the patriarch laughs, God continues to assure him of what is to come in the next year. He also reveals a new sign of this covenant: circumcision. We still benefit from the Abrahamic Covenant and enjoy an intimacy with God that comes only through faith. The sign of the new covenant that we enjoy through Jesus is a circumcised heart, one that is set apart for God alone, and a broken spirit. They are the evidence of the faith that we have placed in our Heavenly Father. They also transform our lives from the fleshly and sinful to the spiritual and righteous. That is a huge transformation that we could never experience without the sacrifice of Jesus at Calvary. All the spiritual blessings that we enjoy today started at this moment when this covenant between God and Abraham began. This is our heritage and a perfect example of what God expects from us: a circumcised heart filled with faith and a broken spirit. Do you realize that faith could completely transform 2018? It could change your words, your attitudes,and your actions in such a dramatic way that people will actually notice the difference. This could be the greatest year of your life, and it starts with faith. Will you trust God to take care of you in 2018? Will you depend upon Him for every need and every answer in 2018? Will you allow Him to guide your relationships in 2018? Abraham's response to the covenant was to immediately gather all the men in his camp along with his son, Ishmael, and to circumcise them all. What will your response to God's voice be in 2018?

Help me, Lord, to follow Abraham's example and live by faith. Help me to live with a circumcised heart and a broken spirit before You so that You can accomplish Your incredible work in and through my life in 2018.