After hearing God's promise of a child, Abraham listens to his wife's plan and has an affair with her hand-maiden. Once again, this decision changed the course of history as Ishmael became the father of the Arabs. This decision made sense, because it was common for men to have multiple wives or mistresses, and she was young and fertile. The problem is that Abraham never stopped to ask God about this decision before moving forward. In our flesh, we can justify any decision and can see how it makes sense to take a certain step. The lesson Abraham teaches us is that even it it makes sense in the flesh, it might not be God's plan for that situation. It is better to wait upon the Lord until you know His will than to make a choice that will alter our lives forever. It is hard to fault Abraham, because his wife brought her hand-maiden to him. How could it be wrong if this amazing woman says its okay? Husbands and wives are still fleshly and can still make decisions based upon the flesh and not upon the Spirit. While it is important to listen to each other, it is more important for both of you to listen to the Lord. His will leads to our good and His glory! When we wait upon the Lord, even when the answer seems so obvious, we give Him an opportunity to speak truth into our hearts and minds. His truth normally contradicts our plans and protects us from the consequences of those decisions. As you prepare for a New Year, I pray you will learn to wait knowing God will reveal His perfect will in His perfect time.

Help me, Lord, to wait upon Your voice and Your wisdom before making any decisions. Help me to walk in the Spirit throughout the New Year and not in the flesh where bad decisions are made.