Even a man of faith struggles at times with that very trait. Abraham has waited for his heir to be born, and he is struggling to believe it will ever happen. The physical limitations concerned him, and the future of his heritage created stress, as well. As a man of faith, Abraham takes his concerns to God and hears His promises of not just one offspring but as many as the number of stars in the sky. The Scripture then says that Abraham believed God and it was counted to him as righteousness. His faith is restored by time with his Heavenly Father. God goes even farther and divulges the covenant He is making with the patriarch. He promises that all the land that he can see and beyond will belong to his offspring after four hundred years in captivity. This promise is still waiting to be fulfilled, though David and Solomon got close, they never completely ruled all the land. The Abrahamic covenant is not only for the Jews but for the many Gentiles who have accepted Christ through the years. We will all eventually enjoy His reign on the throne of Israel. Until that time, we must walk by faith even when circumstances are not happening according to your timetable. When the stress gets too great, follow Abraham's example and go straight to the Lord for assurance and a strengthening of your faith. Only He can keep us fully focused on His promises and their fulfillment in our lives.

Help me, Lord, to accept my limitations when it comes to faith. Help me to turn to You first when my faith begins to weaken and my desire begins to wane knowing You alone can strengthen me and put me back on the narrow path.