Abram and his allies are called to battle when Lot is taken captive by another ruler in Canaan. The patriarch hears of the problem and is moved to immediate action to protect this one who he most likely saw as a son. They attack and defeat the king and free Lot and his family and all the spoils taken by the enemy. When they return to Lot's home, the king of the area tries to thank Abram with some of the spoils. The father of the Jews tells the king that he promised the Lord that he would not take one dime from the battle; instead, he gave a tithe (10%) of all his possessions to Yahweh through Melchizedek, the High Priest. Abram sets a strong example for Christian character. He made a promise and kept it. He was ready for action when God called him to arms, and he was well-liked by the kings of the area and counted them as allies in battle. Integrity is a key ingredient to the respect that Abram garnered from the world leaders around him. Do others see you as a person of character? Do they trust you completely believing you will always keep your word and honor all that you have promised? Clearly, Abram could say "yes" to both questions and my prayer is that we can, as well. If not, God is more than willing to hear our confession and restore us through faithful service to Him. Integrity and character are key ingredient to the example we are commanded to set for those who are in our sphere of influence.

Help me, Lord, to be a person of character. Help me to gain the respect of those around me simply because I walk daily with You.