Abram and Lot start to settle in Canaan only to find that they have too much livestock to share the land.  Abram gives his nephew the freedom to choose a part of the land as his own.  Lot chooses the choicest land which looks more beautiful and fruitful than the other.  Abram freely gives him the land and turns to the land he calls home.  Why would God bring Abram to the “Promised Land” and then not give him the finest portion?  God was not concerned with which portion of land Abram owned, He was concerned with the character of the man who owned the land.  Abram’s land eventually outproduced Lot’s because of his character and God’s favor.  He continued to be ready and willing to obey God no matter what he was asked/commanded to do.  He also did not have to deal with the distractions and temptations that existed in Lot’s portion of land which gave him even more freedom to walk by faith.  Sadly, Lot made some painful choices that eventually cost him the life of his wife and the respect of his daughters.  His choice to pick the “best” from a physical standpoint actually destroyed his spiritual walk and set him on a course towards destruction.  Have you ever chosen a direction in life based upon the opinions of your flesh?  Without faith, you are walking into a disastrous situation that will eventually cost you far more than you are willing to pay.  God wants us to ask for His guidance and then follow what He leads us to do.  This path leads to fruitfulness and great authority within the kingdom of God.  

Help me, Lord, to be a person of character!  Help me to make wise decisions based upon Your guidance and not my flesh.