This is one of my favorite chapters in Genesis, because it provides one of the first glimpses of Messiah, and it describes with clarity a man of faith. When Abram hears God's voice, he responds immediately to what God says even though some of the plan was not being revealed to him. When he arrived at the first stop, he waited for God to reveal the next step. He did not push for his own agenda or try to force God to do what he planned, because true faith does not demand answers; it only rests in God's revealed plan for today. As a man of faith, Abram will become the "father of the Jews" and the forefather of Messiah. When he is told that he and his offspring will be a blessing to all families of the earth, God is revealing His Son's human lineage; He is telling us how to find Messiah. The one reality that we find in this man of faith is that he was not perfect. He asked his wife to lie about their marital status and brought horrible disease upon another family. He messed up! We do the same thing over and over again, and God continually forgives us and sends us on our way. Living in guilt over past mistakes creates so many physical, emotional, and spiritual struggles for individuals and families. Sin is serious and disgusting, and it is a part of who we are, even as people of faith. Our goal should be to stay as far away from it, as possible, but we must know that we will make mistakes and trust God to forgive those mistakes and push us to continue in this journey. A person of faith, then, makes mistakes, but he/she confesses those mistakes and gets back on the daily walk with Jesus. Does that sound familiar or foreign to you?

Help me, Lord, to be a man of faith. Help me to confess sin when I mess up and continue on the daily journey You have called me to.