The heritage of Noah is rich with great individuals and with the lineage of Jesus. Each name represents a life that God could use to do His perfect work on the earth. I admit my personal struggle with genealogies, because they are monotonous and boring unless you read them with an eye for the unusual or the exciting. Each person has a story, and we can experience and enjoy it through the genealogies found in the Scriptures. These people, however, gather together and begin to build a city and a tower that will reach the heavens. God's decision to confuse the languages and to send groups of people in a specific direction reveals the ingenuity of His creation and the success they experience when they work together. This is a powerful lesson for the church today, because we have fractured and splintered ourselves and in doing so have literally lost the ability to change the world. It is happening in individual churches and in denominations throughout the country. When the goal is to reach the world for Jesus, arguing over secondary issues that have no bearing on salvation are destructive and completely unnecessary. We have created an environment where people have to be right and cannot work with others that do not agree. Noah's family tree and the tower of Babel help us to remember that every person has a story, and without our commitment to unity as God's people, that story will not include Jesus. Is a soul really worth arguing over unimportant issues that will have no bearing on our future in heaven?

Help me, Lord, to focus my attention on people's stories. Help me to seek unity with my brothers and sisters in Christ and restore the focus of my life on making disciples.