Galatians 6

Have you ever been confronted by another believer who lovingly reveals an attitude or an action that does not please the Lord? How did you respond? Did you realize that they were simply following the Scriptural mandate of reconciliation? We need people to walk with us in this journey. We need those that will help us see where we are wrong and encourage us to move in the right direction. When we respond negatively or defensively, we are not providing the Spirit an open venue to transform. Paul tells them that the "one who "sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption." In other words, those who are walking with you are trying to stop you from complete corruption. They are part of God's protection in your life, and you and I need to listen. When we listen and allow the Spirit to correct and transform, the we can walk in "the Spirit [and] from the Spirit reap eternal life. Is that what you long for? Is that you desire in your own life? It is a new day and a new opportunity to listen as God speaks through His people to your heart. Paul reveals that he has written at least part of this letter with his "own hand." He wants them to understand his deep burden for their spiritual failure, and a hope that they will listen to his words and live in the freedom that comes in Christ.

Help me, Lord, to walk in freedom today as I listen closely to those around me and to Your Holy Spirit. Help me to love others enough to talk with them about their issues and walk with them towards complete transformation and reconciliation.