It is amazing to see relationships change almost instantly, at times. Paul cannot fathom why the believers in Galatia have gone from people who "received [him] as an angel of God" to enemies. When Paul first arrived in the region, he was clearly suffering from some kind of ailment, and the believers took him in and cared for him. They ministered to him, while he ministered to them. Somewhere along the way, those same people turned completely against Paul's message and ministry and fell back under the bondage from which Jesus set them free. At times, we are liable to do the same since our hearts and emotions can be so fickle and constantly changing. Paul, however, stayed consistent and focused on the goal ahead. This letter is his heart on paper as he begs the believers in Galatia to return to the truth. He uses the patriarch, Abraham, as an example. He had two sons, one "was born according to the flesh" and the other "through the promise" of God. Paul asks them which one they are related to -- flesh or promise? The Apostle reminds them they are children of the promise and therefore free from the Law and the bondage that comes from it. These people found their identity in obedience, but their flesh caused them to disobey and then live in guilt and shame. When we find our identity in Christ, He sets us free!

Help me, Lord, to walk in the freedom that You provide by grace through faith. Help me to stay consistent and focused upon Your promises instead of following my flesh into bondage.