As a believer, who is your forefather? Paul reveals that answer as: Abraham. The Jews ears had to perk up at that revelation, because they, too, see him as their patriarch. The Apostle uses sound doctrine to destroy the ideas of his opposition as he reminds them that the Law did not exist when Abraham was declared a righteous man. His only act in that declaration of righteousness was faith. Those of us who have come to God through His Son by faith can honestly say that we are the spiritual offspring of the biblical Abraham. Paul also reveals the importance of the Gospel even in the patriarch's day. God promises this man that "all nations will be blessed in You." That blessing was Jesus through whom we now have complete access to the throne room of God. For the Jews who still lived according to the Law, this news had to create a tremor of concern. When a person lives by rules and regulations as a means to be right with God, he is judged by that Law. No matter how good we are or how righteous we are, we will never be good enough to earn our way to heaven. The seed of Abraham is Jesus Christ, not the Jewish nation. As you and I walk through this day, we must do so by faith in Him and Him alone.

Help me, Lord, to celebrate my spiritual heritage with Father Abraham through whom You brought Your son. Help me to keep Jesus preeminent in every word, thought and action knowing He is my only Hope for success today!