Ezra did not just study the Truth and preach it to his people, he also believed it completely and walked by it daily. He did not ask the king for protection, because he preached God would protect His people, and he believed it. He made sure that every ounce of gold and silver given to them by the king was documented and then had others count it once they arrived in Jerusalem. He was a man of faith and integrity, and he spread those attributes to all those who served with him and under his ministry. Once he arrived in Jerusalem, he immediately set about to restore the Old Testament sacrifices and to revive the people in their walk with Yahweh. Ezra would eventually have to deal with cultural sin that weaved its way into families and into their society. He was God's man for this moment. Could God use you in that capacity at some point in your life? I believe He can use us regularly as His man or woman for a specific moment. All He asks is that we be open to His plan and ready for whatever He brings our way. Ezra was completely prepared for this moment, because he walked closely with God. If God put you in a situation where you would be His man or His woman, would you be ready? Would you run in fear or walk by faith knowing He has prepared you for "a moment like this?"

Help me, Lord, to be ready for those moments when You use me to radically change another person's life. Help me to walk closely with You and listen to Your voice as You prepare my path!