The author of this book finally arrives on the scene with a simple goal: to revive the people. Ezra was a priest, and he loved to read and study the Scriptures. He believed that God gave them the standards for life in His Law and through His prophets so he led the people to walk faithfully with God by living in obedience to His Word. After the rebuilding of the temple, the new residents of Jerusalem got stagnant and forgot the importance of their personal spiritual growth. God brought Ezra to Jerusalem to bring about a revival through the preaching and teaching of the Scriptures. He brings other religious leaders with him to help in these efforts. Ezra was wise in his travel plans making sure to have a letter from the king decreeing his right to travel to Jerusalem and for those in the surrounding areas to provide food and animal sacrifices for the Jews. Ezra might have been a gifted speaker, and he was clearly a gifted writer, but his greatest attribute was consistency. He walked by the Scriptures and sought God's will in every step he took. When he arrives in Jerusalem, Ezra provides a stable spiritual force that draws the Jews back to their God. God wants us to be that same force in our homes and in our churches. It is easy to get away from what is right so we need those who will stabilize us and keep us on the straight path.

Help me, Lord, to be that stabilizing force in my family and in my church. Help me to be consistent in teaching Your Word to Your people with power and purpose.