It is always amazing when we begin to do God's work and then He shows up and reminds us that He is in complete control. After many years of stagnation, the people have returned to the construction of the temple. Their neighbors send a request to look at the historical records to see if this was legal. They found Cyrus' decree, and Darius, the new king, made sure to enforce it by commanding the people in that province to provide the Jews with all the money they need to finish the temple and all the sacrifices needed for worship. A heathen government paid for the temple to be rebuilt after another heathen government destroyed it. How incredible is our God? He knows our needs and can supply them completely through the most unexpected partners. We do not have to fear or even try to fix the problem; instead, we need to be busy about God's work and watch Him do the rest. The people listened to God's men preach and teach the truth and were inspired to build. Once the temple was finished, the people celebrated with an incredible number of sacrifices and eventually with the Passover. This was an amazing moment for God's people. They listened and obeyed, and He took it from there!

Help me, Lord, to listen and obey as You call me to a person or a place or a specific ministry. Help me to enjoy Your goodness in my life as I fulfill Your purpose and strive to bring glory to Your Name.