Who got the work restarted on the new temple in Jerusalem? The two prophets of God talked with the leaders and told them that God wanted them to get back to work. The leaders listened and determined to obey God rather than a man. When the work restarted, a new Medo-Persian king was on the throne, and he had to go back to the archives to understand what was happening in the Judean province. Without the prophets, however, the work might have been forgotten. We need God's men speaking truth into our hearts and lives. We need those who will say, "thus saith the Lord," and will stand when no one else will on the principles of Scripture. We need those men because we tend to stray from the truth and do what we want to do. They help us stay on track and even encourage us to go deeper in our spiritual walk. We must never forget that God calls us "sheep" throughout Scripture and reminds us that He is our Shepherd. We need Him to lead us into His plan, and He does that through our personal time in the Scriptures and through the preaching of His Word. We must be careful who we listen to, because not every voice is from the Lord. The sheep know His voice and recognize when it flows through one of God's servants.

Help me, Lord, to listen to what You are teaching me through the godly people in my life. Help me to listen to Your voice alone knowing You will guide me to the best in life.