God might say "yes." He might say "no," or He might say "wait for my perfect timing." The new citizens of Jerusalem had to be shocked by the king's decree to stop the work on the temple. They all believed it to be God's will and wanted to honor Him with their work. Suddenly, the work has to end, and they can do absolutely nothing about it. Frustration and anger were probably rampant in the Judean province. Was God still in control? He definitely was! He just had a different plan for that moment, and these folks did not know that until the decree came from the Medo-Persian throne. We, too, can struggle with frustration and anger when God does not seem to be doing what we want Him to do. We quit church and stop praying thinking somehow that will make everything better. Those who have tried it before you will tell you that it never does. God is God, and you are not! His plan will be fulfilled, and you and I can do nothing to stop it; therefore, we must learn to accept His "no" or "wait" with grace and celebrate when He says "yes." It does not have to make sense right now, but it will eventually if we will wait upon Him. At times, we also ask for something that will eventually harm us though we would never know it, and God in His love protects us by saying "no." Do you trust Him and His plan?

Help me, Lord, to accept your "no" or "wait" and celebrate when You say "yes." Help me to trust You completely even when the answer does not make sense, because Your plan is perfect and Your protection is beyond my understanding.