The leader of this first expedition is Zerubbabel, a descendant of David, and the future governor of the Judite province. His number one goal was to rebuild the temple of the Lord. He brought with him almost 50,000 Jews. Some were returning to the land after seventy years away while others were going to see their homeland for the first time. Upon arrival, the people begin to build homes and get settled in the land. They plant crops knowing they would need food if this was their permanent home. Eventually, they would all return to the city to help rebuild the temple, but first, they took care of their homes and their families. When a Christian matures, he/she looks for a place to plug in and grow. Many times, a person gets engulfed by a ministry and forgets his/her most important work. God has called us to start all ministry in our home. When that gets overshadowed by ministry needs then a person's priorities are skewed. God wants us to make an impact upon the world, but that impact starts at home. If my spouse and children are not growing in their faith, then how can I or any other person focus on non-family members growing in their faith? The Jews had their priorities in order and when the time came, they gathered to rebuild the temple. They started with their family and then moved to the other work God brought them home to do.

Help me, Lord, to never forget my greatest calling and ministry. Help me to make sure my family's needs are met before I focus on meeting the needs of those God has called me to minister to.