Divorce is one of the most difficult and painful aspects of the human life. It is the separation of the two that God has made one. The sheer magnitude of divorce in the United States has radically changed our culture in a not so good way. This chapter cuts to the core of this issue, but I do not believe it is God's treatise on marriage and divorce. Some marriages are due to no fault of one partner yet the heartache and pain are still real and harsh. Other marriages end due to "irreconcilable differences," while others end due to abuse or adultery. For some, the divorce happened before they accepted Christ as Savior. The truth we must learn from this difficult text is that God must be in the center of our marriages. He must be the focus and the motivation for all that we do together as a couple and eventually as a family. If you are still unmarried, commit yourself now to only marry a Christ-follower. If you are a believer who is married to another believer, then remove the word "divorce" from your vocabulary and make a conscious effort to work through the problems you are facing instead of running from them. Paul told us to leave the past in the past and move forward in the present God has planned for us. Apply that challenge to any past, present, or future marriages for your own good and for His glory.

Help me, Lord, to put You at the center of my relationship with my spouse. Help me to leave the past in the past and focus upon the wonderful future You have planned for me.