Cyrus, king of the Medo-Persian empire has a different idea of captivity and opens the doors for the Jews to return to their homeland. Seventy-years after Nebuchadnezzar's destruction of the capital city of Judah, Cyrus feels led by the Lord to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. He asks his people to help fund the trip and even returns the articles taken from the temple to those who are leading the expedition. God promised through his prophet, Daniel, to bring His people back to the land after a seventy-year Sabbath rest. That promise comes to fruition through the new king, Cyrus. How prone are you to believe God's promises to the point that you actually act upon them? If God's people believed God's promises then they would not have been super surprised by Cyrus' decree. It would have been expected, because God promised it. At times, it seems that God could never keep His promises, but God is the ultimate Promise-keeper meaning He can do what seems impossible to fulfill His Word. This is such an important step in our faith, because without that trust in God's promises, we will never really commit fully to walking with Him. When, however, we get into the Word, find His many promises, and begin to live by them, we find a life that is far better than we can create. Will you trust His promises? He will not let you down.

Help me, Lord, to trust Your promises more than what I see or think. Help me to believe that You are the greatest Promise-keeper and walk accordingly.