How could a person see all that God was doing in Egypt and not fall on his/her face before Him? God adds the loss of livestock, hail, and locusts to the plagues, and once again, Pharaoh hardens his heart and will not let the people go. Moses tells him that God will not stop until His people are set free, but the Egyptian king felt that he was equal to Yahweh. He would soon learn that his stubbornness cost him more than he ever wanted to pay. Have you struggled with being stubborn recently? It is easy to think that you are right and bulldoze ahead with your plan never considering everyone left in your wake. A stubborn person keeps doing what he/she has been doing without success. Pharaoh watched as God devastated his land while protecting the Israelites from the plagues. His magicians could not stand up to God's power, but he still fought and fought. In truth, Moses tells us that God put that stubbornness in Pharaoh's heart so that He could show His majesty and power to everyone in the land. I find it interesting that some Egyptians got it and began to listen to the reports of what God was going to do. They were not stubborn, they were smart. God has called us to be tenderhearted which means our hearts are to be soft and pliable for the Lord to speak.

Help me, Lord, to stop all the stubbornness that gets me nowhere. Help me to have a tender heart towards You and Your plan for my life.