God's power is on display as He brings plagues upon the land because of Pharaoh's stubbornness. God knows Pharaoh's heart and understands what it will take for the Egyptian king to let the people go. He allows the plagues to happen in a specific order to reveal His power over the false gods worshiped in Egypt. Each plague was a powerful testament to God's ability to defeat any other god that man might create. Do you struggle trusting God's power when times get tough? Moses struggled, as well. It is completely human to be anxious over a God you cannot see. Thankfully, we can see all His marvelous works around us and know without question that He is present. It is also interesting that the Egyptian magicians could mimic the first two plagues but when it got to gnats they could not do it. God was showing them that His power is unmatched, and His plan will take place no matter what obstacles seem to stand in the way. If God's power is unmatched and if His plan will take place, then should we not trust Him through every trial and every sorrow? I love that at a certain point, God began to focus the plagues on the Egyptians while protecting His people from them. This is the God that we serve. Trust Him, walk with Him, and find strength in His power and His plan.

Help me, Lord, to trust Your power over my fears and worries. Help me to keep You first in priority so that I can see and hear Your marvelous works.