I think it is interesting to note how quickly Moses lost his confidence when things did not go according to his plan. Twice in this text, he tries to blame himself for Pharaoh's actions against his people, because he "speaks with faltering lips." I suspect that most of us struggle with confidence especially when we see a glaring deficiency in our personal lives. Moses struggled to speak; what do you struggle with? Has that struggle crushed your confidence to the point that you are not sure if you could ever do what God is calling you to? From the beginning, God has made it clear to Moses that this is His plan in action, not some random actions that are dictated by the shepherd's weaknesses. God can use us to do anything He determines, and all He asks is that we be available when He calls. We rarely find perfection on this earth, so stop trying to hold yourself to a standard you could never reach. God has called us to "keep our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith." We are to fight against sin and be ready for God to reveal another step in His plan. Has your confidence in ministry and service waned recently because something did not go as you planned? Focus your attention on His plan and stay in the game believing He is able to do what you are not.

Help me, Lord, to stay the course of Your plan even when difficulties get in the way. Help me to keep my eyes on Jesus so I can be ready for Your call.