It is so easy to think that when you find God's will for your life that life will suddenly be easy and smooth from that point on. Moses had no doubt he was supposed to be in Egypt and that he was supposed to ask Pharaoh to let God's people go. When he went to the Egyptian king with his demands, the king made the labor of the Israelites even harder by demanding that they find the straw to make bricks and still meet the same quota as before. The people obviously rebelled against Moses since their lives were made more difficult by his presence in Egypt. Moses even goes to the Lord and asked what is wrong, because the people are not being set free. The shepherd does not realize that God wants the Egyptians to push His people out and give them valuable rewards for leaving. To get to that point, Moses and the Israelites had to go through this difficult trial. God's plan was much richer and fuller than Moses could have imagined, but he had to hang on to see what God was going to do. When you finally find the college God wants you to attend, does everything suddenly fall into place without any "push-back" or problems? When you find the person of your dreams and know God brought him/her into your life, does everything go from difficult to dreamy? When you have found the job God has called you to, does that mean that everything will be perfect from that moment on or will problems still arise? We struggle when issues arise in these situations, because we know this is what God wants for us. The problem we must work through is realizing that Yahweh has even more wonder in that calling than you can imagine. Hang tight and watch God work!

Help me, Lord, to stop complaining when life is not perfect, because I understand that each struggle has a purpose in my life. Help me to hang on no matter how difficult life gets knowing You are working towards my good and Your glory.