After Moses puts together the tabernacle, he tells us that the Lord's presence filled the temple to the point that no one could enter into it. The glory of the Lord literally glowed from the temple, and the people stood in complete amazement. They understood the reality that this place was sacred and set apart for Yahweh. Do people think that way in our modern times? God no longer dwells in buildings and structures; instead, He has chosen to live inside of us as we bow our knee to Jesus by admitting our sin, believing in His saving work, and calling out to Him for salvation and hope. Did you read that? God dwells in people who follow Him. Do you live like you are the temple of God on earth? Does His glory shine through your life to those around you? Do people understand that your life is sacred and set apart for Yahweh? For a Christ-follower, the answer should be "yes" to those questions, but we struggle mightily with accepting His presence and then not taking His presence for granted. I know without question that I need God working and moving in my life 24/7. Without Him, I am nothing, and I have nothing. I have the privilege of serving as His dwelling place and building a strong relationship with the Creator of this universe. Grasping that truth is life-changing, because we realize that God loves us enough to live inside of us and that He has a rich and marvelous plan for your life.

Help me, Lord, to live as Your temple on earth. Help me to shine You in everything I do so that people can see Your presence inside of me.