Moses' excuses are clearly grating on God's nerves. This man who had so much confidence while in the palace of Pharaoh seems to have lost it while in Midian. Yes, he made a huge mistake by killing an Egyptian, but God forgave him and put him on a different course that would eventually lead him back to the scene of the crime. Moses' excuses range from, "why would they believe me" to "I am not eloquent of speech and could never stand before Pharaoh." Once God convinces Moses that this is His plan for his life, he relents and agrees to go to Egypt. His father-in-law sends him in peace and his brother, Aaron, meets him along the way. His son is even circumcised during the journey to prepare the boy to meet his ancestry. How many excuses have you given God for not following His revealed plan to you? Every time Moses made an excuse, "the angel of the Lord" reminded the shepherd that he was God's creation and could trust Him to use him before Pharaoh. Moses' fear was based in his weaknesses, but his faith eventually had to overcome that fear so he could lead his people out of Egypt. It is not uncommon for a person to hear God's plan and then run the other way. Each fear is legitimate in our own hearts and minds, but God sees so much more than we ever could. His plan leads to "the more" we are always looking for.

Help me, Lord, to stop making excuses for serving You. Help me to walk by faith and not by fear knowing You have made me for this purpose.