The construction of the tabernacle continues as the workers put together the courtyard with beautiful linens. The courtyard was reserved for those who were not a part of the tribe of Levi or the priests. They could come to the courtyard and worship with offerings and sacrifices. In other words, God had a place for everyone in Israel who wanted to worship. The priests serve in the Holy Place, and the High Priest entered the Holy of holies once a year. Those who were not a part of that religious structure had a part in the worship and celebration of Yahweh. As I taught a Welcome class yesterday, I told the participants that God calls people to a church family. He instigates the whole process, and our only responsibility is to listen to His voice and obey. When we do so, we find that we have a place in that church, because God brought us to that place for a specific purpose. He wants to use our gifts and talents to reach more people for Christ. Just as those not in religious leadership had a perfect place to worship, each person has a place in the church where God is calling them. Some might be stuck in places they are not comfortable. Get out and find where God really wants to use you to make an impact upon people. You have a place in your church family if you will simply look for it while listening to God's voice.

Help me, Lord, to listen closely to Your voice and to Your calling for a church home. Help me to look for the place You want me to serve and use my gifts and talents to make a greater impact for Jesus.