As you read this chapter, you have to be impressed with the detail that Moses provides. He talks about wood types and dimensions of specific items along with how they were covered in precious metals. Moses was not the one tasked with the construction of the tabernacle yet he knew exactly what was happening and when it was happening. I do not think Moses had time to be a micro-manager; therefore, we can assume that God described the tabernacle in exact detail. Many struggle with a God who is intimately acquainted with them, but it is obvious that God was and is completely aware of who we are and what we do. He described the tabernacle in perfect detail, can we honestly assume that He would not the same with our current temples? After reading this chapter, can you honestly say that God is not concerned about every phase of your life. He is the One who opens and closes doors, and He is the One who heals those who are hurting and sick. This also means that we must seek the Lord's direction and listen closely for His voice. If the builders of the tabernacle would have gone rogue and constructed it however they wanted, God would never be pleased, and their worship would be worthless. As His current temples, the same is true. We must build our lives according to His plan and by listening to His voice so that He can accomplish the most through us.

Help me, Lord, to seek that intimate relationship with You where I follow Your plan and listen to Your voice. Help me to construct my temple in a manner that is worthy of Your presence.