Have you ever been a part of a church or charity that tells you to stop bringing your offerings, because they have too much?Moses does just that with the Israelites. God gave them His plans for a mobile temple called a tabernacle. He commanded the people to fund the project with their finest items. Eventually, Moses told the people to stop bringing their offerings, because they had more than enough to finish the tabernacle. I admit that I always have dreams for a church where I serve as pastor. I would love to see our church, and every other church for that matter, no longer have to raise funds for certain projects or trips, because God's people gave so generously. I know many give faithfully to their church and to other charities, but consider the joy of sending kids to camp and funding mission trips for youth and adults without one fundraiser. God has a rich and wonderful plan for His church, and it takes every one of us serving and giving with a cheerful heart. I do find it interesting that those who worked on the tabernacle told Moses they had too much. Sometimes, we think money is our only contribution to our church or charity, but time given generously has a powerful effect, as well.

Help me, Lord, to give generously as You have given to me. Help me to serve with a cheerful heart always looking for opportunities to make an impact upon my world.