God prepares the people to rest and to worship Him. He gives them clear instructions on the Sabbath and the consequences for disobeying those commands. He also provided the people needed to put the tabernacle together as another way of preparing them for worship. The people brought their valuables to assist in the building of the tabernacle as a means of preparing for worship. God, clearly, wanted His people to be ready for rest and worship. He did not waver in this belief with His people in the Old Testament, and I suspect He does not waver with His modern church, either. How do you prepare yourself for worship each week? Whether you worship on Saturday, Sunday, or Wednesday, how do you get ready to encounter God through His Word? God is so worthy of our preparation. He is worthy of our clothes being ready to go, our hearts and minds soft and ready to learn, and our early wake up call so that we can be "on-time" for Bible study and worship. Once again, it all goes back to priority. What is most important the evening before you worship with your fellowship of believers? If you are going to truly worship, you must stop long enough before worship to prepare your heart and mind for those special minutes. Tomorrow night is a little unusual because of Daylight Savings Time, but we can still stop long enough to prepare for all that will happen on Sunday.

Help me, Lord, to give priority to worship over any other event in my life. Help me to prepare physically, emotionally, and spiritually for worship with my brothers and sisters in Christ.