God is angry with His people for their foolish decisions and sinful actions. He tells Moses that He will send an angel ahead to fight for them, but He would not journey with them for fear that He might destroy them. Moses the mediator once again steps into the foray and asks God to relent in His anger and future plans for these people. God made a clear point when He blessed Moses immensely with His presence and with His authority. Moses would sit in His tent and the cloud that led them by day would come and envelope it. He would commune with God and when he stepped outside that tent, every Israelite stepped out of their tents in reverence to his presence. Does God still get angry with His people today? When we begin to allow culture, instead of Scripture, to transform our lives, He gets pretty upset. Does God still bless us with His presence and with His authority? He definitely continues to look for that man or woman who will walk faithfully with Him so He can bless them with His presence and with His authority. Are you striving to become that person He is looking for? Moses was not perfect, but he had an incredible relationship with God. I pray we will all strive for that today.

Help me, Lord, to confess my foolish decisions and sinful action and to walk uprightly with You. Help me to grow in my relationship with You so that I can take the big steps of faith and enjoy Your incredible blessings.