God specifically created certain people to do so certain works on this earth. He has given one man the skills needed to build the tabernacle for His people. This man will also have an assistant who has been fully prepared to help. Without these men, problems would arise that would make the work far more difficult and possibly impossible. At times, we believe that God has not given us any special talents or skills so we must take this lesson to heart. You are made with a purpose. Do not "short change" yourself with any thoughts that do not revolve around God's work in your life. He has saved you and is now preparing you for His work. I see that in my own life. God worked to prepare me for His service for twenty-five plus years. Now, He has placed me in a situation that is way outside my "comfort zone," (MS to MD) but it is clearly His plan for my life and for my family's life. I love knowing that God has a clear plan not only for my life but for those that I love most. He has prepared you for a specific purpose, as well. Listen closely for His call upon your life and then watch as He takes your skill and abilities and puts them to work to build His kingdom and bring Him glory. God made sure these men had every skill needed to do His work on the tabernacle, and He will do the same in our lives. It might not even be your skill that is needed, but someone you know who is ready to step into a life-changing ministry. When we, as God's people, step out in faith and listen to God's voices, our churches will never lack teachers or kingdom-workers.

Help me, Lord, to have the courage to listen for Your call upon my life. Help me to use the talents and abilities You have given me to build Your kingdom and see lives transformed.